Becky Park

Photo:  Minnow Park

AgE || 29

Company NamE || Wellspring Writes

Job Title || Owner and Calligrapher

Company Start Date || November 2015

Years Living In New YorK || All my life!

Social Handles || @wellspringwrites, @beckyyyparkkk

Company Website || Wellspring Writes

What did you want to be as a child?


What’s the best piece of advice you were given when you were starting Wellspring Writes?

Don’t rush, and work through time management.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting out?

Many things require practice and consistency in order to improve; very few things, if any, go from 0-100 overnight.

Photo:  Minnow Park

How do you define success?

Being present wherever I am with whoever I’m with.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting out?

Many things require practice and consistency in order to improve; very few things, if any, go from 0-100 overnight.

What made you interested in calligraphy?

I always had an interest in paper and handwriting when I was younger. I didn’t actually know that calligraphy was a thing or that the artform even existed! I took a workshop and I was completely head over heels!

Which women inspire you?

I am thankful for and inspired by a variety of women in my industry who have been so generous with their time and their resources when I was starting out and asking questions. My friends @ihartvirginia and @elizagwendalynink have been crucial in creating a community environment and one of sharing where I felt I could be safe in growing and learning. Other inspiring women include Awkwafina, Meghan Markle, and Sandra Oh.

Do you have a personal motto?

Be nice, work hard!

Photo:  Minnow Park

What is your workspace like?

I have a home office with a standing desk. I have a ton of different colored inks for days with calligraphy and my handy MacBook Air for computer days.

How do you overcome moments of self-doubt?

Take one more step.

What is the hardest part about being your own boss?

I knew being my boss meant I had to wear many different hats — I didn’t realize exactly how many hats I would wear!

How do you handle situations where you feel overwhelmed?

I try to take a step back and take a huge breath in and out. Sometimes walking away from the table for a bit to get my mind cleared up helps.

What has been the most rewarding thing since starting Wellspring Writes?

Being able to meet different people has been rewarding because each person comes with their unique experiences.  I’ve had so many beautiful stories shared with me: how they found their soulmates, what a certain family member or friend really means to them, how people care deeply care for their clients, and many wonderful sentiments being sent out into the world.

Photo:  Minnow Park

What is your design process?

I try to cover a lot of the “design process” very early on in conversation with the client, this ensures that we are on the same page about a variety of things that come with custom work. Usually, by gathering all the information necessary for a project, the enigma of the design process is removed — you’re working with concrete things that the client is requesting!

How has your background helped you with this venture?

I have a Masters in Counseling and I have found that when I make connections with my clients and treat them and their projects with respect, it has created a natural rhythm of word of mouth.

What are some of your goals moving forward for Wellspring Writes?

I’d like to continue what I am doing and offer more services — currently I am looking to find more clients for engraving services! I'm also looking for ways to give back to my community, it's something I've been thinking of for some time, so finding some way to give and serve would be another goal!

What advice would you give to other women trying to enter your field?

Be nice, put in the work, and take a deep breath because a lot of things take time! Also, don't be afraid to ask for help!

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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